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Abby and I moved to St Andrews in 2011, sensing God calling us specifically to work with Students. We are part of a team who are here to serve God’s purposes in the lives of students here; We work alongside colleagues Stu and Jen Newland (who work specifically with International students) and our Interns (participating in a graduate development programme – “Connect”)

Xander is the student ministry leader; however, in essence and practice, our involvement with people is a family and team effort. We seek to honestly share our lives, our struggles, our trust in Jesus, our devotion to being His disciples, believing in God’s heart of love and compassion for the world, and so we seek to help others to be disciples too… In turn we get to know students deeply; trusting that God wants to use each person for His purposes, therefore we gladly assist students towards growth as followers of Jesus as they go this journey of seeing what God will do through their lives. We have 2 young sons; Alfie and Louis, who join in the work.

Xander Cant

St Andrews Minstry Leader, Navigators UK

Our Hope

Our hope and experience is that these group times provide a place where studying God’s word becomes understood and applied to life by the Holy Spirit, through conversation and prayer.  We’ve seen many students empowered to live Godly lives in the midst of strong peer pressure, and hope to see them go on to be good employees, bosses, and family figures all to the Glory of God, as they serve His purposes, inspired and equipped by Jesus Christ.  We’ve also seen many students really struggle, yet God is ever present.

What Navs Looks Like

Students meet weekly to find out more about who God is and what it looks like for our lives to be changed by Him, from the inside out, and developed through relationship with God and one another. 

The Bible, and what God has said through it, is the springboard for everything we talk about; we learn from one another, pray together, and seek to help each other with whatever is going on, sharing our lives.  To facilitate this, we divide into same sex small groups (of about 7-12 people) at the beginning of the year – and stick with them (some students go right through uni in the same small group!!). We do this to promote the development of safe and loving relationships, by God’s grace.  This lends itself brilliantly to the compact nature of student life, where peers and friends meet very frequently and in all sorts of different places.  Essentially, these groups are about recognising God, and serving others as we live in reference to Him, and His word. As we are changed, God will work through our lives, and into the lives of others; in a world in ever imminent need of relationship with the God who made it.


St Andrews Navs are in partnership with Cornerstone St Andrews, a local church seeking to be a people following Jesus, who help others to follow Him also. Their website is: http://www.cornerstonestandrews.org/

St Andrews Navs is a ministry of Navigators UK. For more information about the Navigators click the button below.

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